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Transferring to Another College/University

If you are a current PCCC student and are planning on transferring to a different institution you need to contact your PCCC International Student Advisor, as soon as possible, to inform her of your plans.

It is your responsibility to:

Schedule an appointment with the Transfer Counselor, located in the Center for Student Success, in order to go over your transfer plans.

Meet with the Chairperson of your Academic Department (the semester before you graduate)

Pass the College Writing Exam (if graduating)

Hand in a Graduation Application to the Registrar’s Office (if graduating)

Complete and hand in an Admission/International Student application to the institution you are interested in transferring to.

Submit to the transferring institution all required financial documents needed to obtain an I-20 from them.

Give your PCCC International Student Advisor a Foreign Student Advisor Report to fill out. This is included in your application packet. You must first complete and sign the top portion of this form!!

Be aware of application deadlines of the 4-year colleges/universities.

To apply for an Initial I-20 and Admission to the College, please contact:

Maritza Davila
Coordinator, Admissions and Financial Aid Services, PAC

Tel: (973) 684-6307

International Student Advisors

Once you are admitted to PCCC, receive an Initial I-20 from the Admissions Office, and arrive in the United States you may contact one of the International Student Advisors below in order to register for classes and to discuss any issues or concerns you may have:

Laura Perez, Counselor
Tel: (973) 684-5750
Margo Murray, Counselor
Tel: (973) 684-6738