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Travel Checklist for F –1 Students

This Checklist is designed for International Students with an F-1 visa who are traveling abroad.


You must inform your International Student Advisor if you are planning to travel. Your SEVIS I-20 must be signed by your International Student Advisor and be kept with you when you travel.


Check the expiration date on your passport. You must have your passport with you for all travel, including travel within the United States. If traveling abroad, your passport MUST be valid at least six months into the future upon your return to the United States. Passports may be renewed at your country’s embassy or consulate in the United States. You can obtain up-to-date information on passport renewal by going to the following website:


Check your U.S. visa stamp inside your passport. Has your visa stamp expired? Is the category for which the visa was issued the status you currently hold? An expired U.S. visa need only be renewed if you will be traveling outside the United States. In order to re-apply for a U.S. visa you will need to do so from the U.S. consulate/embassy of your home country. See your International Student Advisor to discuss this further.


You must have your white, I-94 card with you for all travel, even travel within the United States. When you depart from the United States, you will need to surrender your I-94 card. A new I-94 card, with a new admission number, will be issued to you upon your re-entry to the United States. Your SEVIS ID number (printed at the top right of your SEVIS I-20) will not change.


Always carry your current PCCC ID card with you as supporting documentation.


Students who are on OPT, after completing their program of study, need to have both their EAD card (Employment Authorization Document) and proof of a job offer or current employment if planning on traveling. Since traveling while on OPT is risky it is strongly advised that you seek assistance from your International Student Advisor before making any plans. 

To apply for an Initial I-20 and Admission to the College, please contact:

Maritza Davila
Coordinator, Admissions and Financial Aid Services, PAC

Tel: (973) 684-6307

International Student Advisors

Once you are admitted to PCCC, receive an Initial I-20 from the Admissions Office, and arrive in the United States you may contact one of the International Student Advisors below in order to register for classes and to discuss any issues or concerns you may have:

Laura Perez, Counselor
Tel: (973) 684-5750
Margo Murray, Counselor
Tel: (973) 684-6738