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Apply for an FSA ID and submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) in order to receive financial aid. The majority of available grants, scholarships, and student loans base your eligibility on the FAFSA you submit.

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Important Things To Remember

ELIGIBILITY – To apply for aid, you must meet basic requirements.


  • To start the financial aid application process, you first need to apply for an FSA ID. If Student is a dependent student, the parent must also apply for an FSA ID. If Parent is unable to apply for an FSA ID, student must then print the signature page at the end of the application process. Once page is signed by parent, it must be mailed to the processing center for processing.
  • You must apply every year. The fiscal year calendar covers the period from August – July. That means if you re-apply for financial aid for the Fall semester, your financial aid determination will cover you through the Spring and first summer session.  (PCCC offers two summer sessions.)
  • PCCC must be the first College Choice on your FAFSA in order to be considered for State Aid  {NJTAG/EOF}. State deadline for Continuing students is June 1 of the following academic year, and October 1 for New Students.
  • PCCC’s Federal School Code is 009994 

MAINTAIN YOUR AID – If you drop classes or do not earn good grades, you risk losing your financial aid.

VERIFICATION – you can no longer provide a paper copy of your or your parent’s Federal Tax Return.  You must provide an IRS Tax Return Transcript.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t find the answers to your questions below, contact the Financial Aid Department or chat with us via zoom.

What is Financial Aid?

Financial Aid may consist of one or more awards to assist you in paying your college costs (tuition, fees, and textbooks).  Types of financial aid include grants, loans, scholarships, and work study.  Financial aid awards may consist of a combination of these types of aid.

If I Filed The Fafsa Do I Need To Apply For Any Other Grants?

Yes. The FAFSA is used solely for a federal grant, and you must submit an application to the Higher Education Student Assistance Authority (HESAA) to be considered for any state grants such as Tuition Aid Grant (TAG).

Does Financial Aid Pay For Remedial Credits?

Generally speaking, financial aid can be used for up to 30 credits of remedial study.  For specific information, we encourage you to speak with your financial aid advisor.

I Received A Letter Stating I Must Submit An Appeal To Get Financial Aid, Will I Get Approved?

Decisions regarding an appeal are made by a Financial Aid Appeal Committee.  Submission of an appeal does not guarantee an approval to continue to receive financial aid.

I Have A Loan, But It Has Not Been Processed, Will My Classes Be Dropped?

Loans are considered financial aid.  Students who have submitted the necessary paperwork (master promissory note, Entrance Counseling, and Loan Request Form) will not have their classes dropped.

Can I Charge Books To My Grant Award In The Bookstore?

If your financial aid awards exceed the amount of your tuition and fees, you are eligible for a book deferment.  Book deferments are based on the number of registered credits at the time of the award.  If you drop or add classes, after you have been granted a book deferment, you may owe a tuition balance.

What If I Can’t Attend My Classes Or Need To Withdraw?

You should withdraw from your classes prior to the add-drop period which is generally 2 weeks after the semester has started.  If you do not officially withdraw from classes you will be charged a $100 Non-attend fee for each class.

I Heard That If I Withdraw From My Classes I Might Need To Repay My Financial Aid. Is This True?

Yes.  The federal financial aid programs require students to “earn” their aid.  If a student withdraws prior to the 60% point of the semester, they have not “earned” the full amount of the financial aid awards.  Determination of the amount earned, and the amount of tuition the student may owe is determined by the Financial Aid Office in conjunction with the Bursar office.  Shoul you need to withdraw, you must see an Academic Advisor, and submit the withdrawal paperwork to the Financial Aid Office for signature

Where is the PCCC Financial Aid Office?

The PCCC Financial Aid Office is located on the Main Campus in Paterson.
Financial Aid counselors also visit the Wanaque and Passaic campuses to serve students who cannot come to Paterson.

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