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Key Dates & Deadlines

Courses are offered in 15-, 12-, and 6-week formats.

For the official Academic Calendar, please see the College Catalog

For information on tuition due dates, please see the Bursar Page

Start and End Dates

(including finals)

SessionStart DateEnd Date
15-week session1/31/20225/21/2022
12-week session2/21/20225/21/2022
6-week session A2/10/20224/2/2022
6-week session B4/7/20225/21/2022
Finals Week5/16/20225/21/2022
Spring Recess (No Classes)3/14/20223/18/2022
Easter Weekend (College Closed)4/16/20224/17/2022
Memorial Day (College Closed)5/30/2022
Summer 15/23/20226/29/2022
Summer 26/13/20228/03/2022
Summer 37/06/20228/11/2022
Independence Day Observed (College Closed)7/04/2022

Waiver Day

Spring 2022 15-week session1/27/2022
Spring 2022 12-week session2/17/2022
Spring 2022 6-week session A2/9/2022
Spring 2022 6-week session B4/6/2022
Summer 15/19/2022
Summer 26/09/2022
Summer 37/05/2022

Tuition Due

15-week session1/21/2022
12-week session1/21/2022
6-week session A1/21/2022
6-week session B3/21/2022
Summer 15/10/2022
Summer 26/10/2022
Summer 36/10/2022
Please note that you may still be able to register for a session if the tuition payment deadline has passed.

Add or Drop Period Begins

(Late Fee Applies)

15-week session1/31/2022
12-week session2/21/2002
6-week session A2/10/2022
6-week session B4/7/2022
Summer 15/23/2022
Summer 26/13/2022
Summer 37/06/2022

Last day to Add Courses without Faculty Signature

15-week session2/7/2022
12-week session2/28/2022
6-week session A2/14/2022
6-week session B4/11/2022

Last Day for 100% Tuition Refund Less Fees

15-week session2/11/2022
12-week session3/2/2022
6-week session A2/15/2022
6-week session B4/12/2002
Summer 15/26/2022
Summer 26/20/2022
Summer 37/12/2022

Last Day for 50% Tuition Refund Less Fees

15-week session2/25/2022
12-week session3/14/2022
6-week session A2/21/2022
6-week session B4/18/2022
Summer 16/02/2022
Summer 26/28/2022
Summer 37/19/2022

Last day to Drop Courses without Academic Penalty

15-week session2/11/2022
12-week session3/2/2022
6-week session A2/15/2022
6-week session B4/12/2022
Summer 15/26/2022
Summer 26/20/2022
Summer 37/12/2022

Withdrawal Period Begins

15-week session2/12/2022
12-week session3/3/2022
6-week session A2/16/2022
6-week session B4/13/2022
Summer 1 5/27/2022
Summer 26/21/2022
Summer 37/13/2022
Withdrawals after this date will be recorded on the official transcript with a grade of “W”

Last day to Withdraw with Faculty Signature

15-week session4/27/2022
12-week session4/27/2022
6-week session A3/11/2022
6-week session B5/6/2022
Summer 16/23/2022
Summer 27/28/2022
Summer 38/04/2022
Any withdrawal after this date must be approved by the Vice President of Academic Affairs